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Nobleza del Sur NOVO by Lola, 500ml

55,99 лв.
First EVOO of the year collected from olive groves of selected plots'.

NOVO is identified by its olive green color. Of great aromatic complexity, highlighting the olive leaf, wheat grass, lavender, tomato and fruit notes such as green banana, apple and green almond. On the palate it is well balanced, it has a very pleasant attack, a slight bitterness and spiciness. Its persistence over time is delicate and elegant.

NOVO olive juice has a wide connection with:

Meats, in the preparation of all kinds of dishes and preparations.
In fish and shellfish, both raw and for the preparation of different sauces.

Store in a cool place, protected from light and heat

Cold extraction.
Maximum 4 hours from the harvest of the fruit.
From 10 to 14 kg of olives to obtain 1L of oil.

Olive Varieties
100% Picual
Production Zone
Spain, Jaén - Vista Alegre Farm