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COQUERE'S Premium Gourmet potato chips

9,70 лв.
Enjoy COQUERE'S Premium - the best gourmet potato chips in 150 g. pack.
The first and only potato chips prepared with premium extra virgin olive oil.

The product is available for wholesale in cartons of 14 single packs, 150 g. each.

If interested, further inquiries can be made via one of the two phone numbers:
(359) 876 275 158; (359) 888 276 137
or via email: sales@ellystaste.com



Tasting notes:

Quality potatoes, first-class extra virgin olive oil from the Spanish olive variety Paharera and a pinch of salt - the result is an authentic flavour experience.
Enjoy the richness of taste of the best olive oil- all in one extremely crunchy bite. Be bold and try it!