From 1640 – Four values and a family

Since 1640, Miguel Sánchez Sagra, direct ancestor of the producing family takes hold the family olive tradition acquiring an olive plantation in Los Añadios-Jaén (Andalucía) and 12 generations later, the Peñuelas-Sagra family continues to work and take care of this same olive grove, maintaining is agricultural activity.

Land and climate, unique enclaves

The family olive groves are the origins of the extra virgin olive oil. Aceites Nobleza del Sur owns a plot of more than 300 hectares of olive fields in different places of Jaen province-Andalucía.

Nobleza del Sur

Aceites Nobleza del Sur is nowadays а symbol of love to land, Illusion and сonstancy to this Noble and mythic tree that makes up Jaén landscape, unique in the world.

Our olive Groves

Extra Virgin Olive Oils “Nobleza del Sur” are Homegrown Oils proceeding exclusively of the best olives in our Family Farms located in a privileged environment.



Passion and effort, three generations united
Joined to the family olive tradition involved in the care of the family olive fields during more than three generations of workers, the producers maintain a link and compromise overcoming time barrier and generational one, implied united in the development of a common project: with love to land, compromising, with team effort…having a common objective of progress day-to-day and cultivate using agricultural practices, respectful with nature, to offer a high quality PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Healthy excellence
As farmers, the family has successfully combined tradition with modernity to obtain the major expression and the best of their cultivations. They use the latest technological advances in olive such as: fly techniques for the vegetative use, periodical analysis of ground al leaf, just like a growth exhaustive control and the vegetative renovation this tree needs. Each harvest, they would select only the best quality olives in its optimum maturation moment to get intense aromas, green fruity, equilibrium, intense complexity elegant structure and exquisite oils elaborated with very low temperature. Singular aromas that remind and recall the reminiscences of the plants and flora that live in the olive field are the result of an agriculture that respects the environment.



A recognized effort